Make a B-line for the Newest BVI Beach Bar

Heavens know that we have a lot of funky beach bars in the British Virgin Islands(BVI), but there is always room for one more. The most (in-)famous ones are Soggy Dollar, Foxy’s and the Willy T and you can find one or 2 in many other anchorages. So what is special about this one?

Great food
Delicious food served on palm leaves

It is named the B-Line Beach Bar and perfectly placed on a small beach on Little Jost van Dyke. It is wonderfully unpretentious and basically just a shack. Here you will get sand between your toes, cold beer, good food and friendly service. In other words, all you need and want!

There is 5 dishes to choose from – all at $12 – and everything is served on plates made out of banana palm leaves. Of cause there are ice cold beers and if you can hit the bucket behind the bar with the beer top, you get it for free. There are also a couple of special concoctions and I can highly recommend the Ginger Bloodies, with tons of fresh ginger!

Cay Hole, a new game
Try a game of Cay Hole

There is no reason to be twirling your thumbs while you are here. Sitting in the shade you can have a go at Trivial Pursuit, Kalaha or any of the other options put at your disposal. If you want something a tad more vigorous you can also try your hand at Cay Hole, trying to hit the whole on an angled wooden ramp with a small bean bag. Not that easy I can assure you:(

All in all this a great place to hang out on a lazy afternoon in the Caribbean. It can only be reached by boat, so charter a yacht from and cruise the BVI for your vacation. Swing by the B-Line try it yourself. . . and tell me what you think.

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