Life as a ship’s dog . . . not bad at all!


The Idyllic life of a dog on a Caribbean charter yacht.


The cutest crew member in the Caribbean“Bits”, our little Schichon dog is an Aussie. We got her four years ago in Queensland and then flew her to the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific. She has lived on board our Charter Catamaran, Two if by Sea ever since, getting lots of love and attention from everyone, playing on beaches, digging up crabs and barking at whales.


We started the long adventure back to the British Virgin Islands in April 2012 and arrived back here in Dec 2012. Along the way Bits visited American Samoa, The Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Hawaii, San Diego (Sea Lions, her new favorite) Mexico, Panama, Columbia and The Dominican Republic and she had a ball everywhere she went.
The hard life of a ship's dog...She is a happy, intelligent, adventures and well mannered little dog who loves her life, new people to cuddle her every week, swimming and beaching, kayaking and exploring, looking for those evil cats and mongoose. Like all small dogs she is delusional and firmly believes she is the biggest, toughest and meanest ‘beastie’ in the neighborhood…… not!


“Bits” is the the 3rd crew member on the catamaran TWO IF BY SEA and helps Stu and Fran keeping their guests happy. They also offer diving and you can check out the under-water world, eat gourmet food and pet this lovely dog on your vacation. Please CLICK HERE for more information, rates etc.

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