Affordable Luxury Cruises on Private Yachts.

Like most other people you probably, think that cruises on private luxury yachts are only for royalty and rock-stars, but that is not the case any more. These days you can charter a yacht in the Caribbean for the same price as a good hotel or cruise ship, except here everything is included and you have a crew who is dedicated to make this your best vacation ever.


When you are chartering a private crewed yacht, you can pick your own “Floating Boutique Hotel” the staff, the menu the activities and even the itinerary! You can truly relax and enjoy while being pampered beyond your wildest dreams and you will return from your vacation full of amazing memories, with your batteries fully recharged and feeling you got your money’s worth….plus some!


What are crewed charter yachts?

Affordable luxury on private crewed yachtsCrewed charter yachts are boats for rent which are manned by at a captain and additional crew depending on it’s size. Back in the 1950’s an English captain – Vernon Nicholson – started to charter his private yacht “Mollyhawk” in the Caribbean to paying guests and the industry was born. It has developed a lot since then and there are thousands of boats available world wide and now ordinary people can also enjoy an affordable Caribbean luxury vacation, basking in the sun while being splendidly spoild. No sailing skills required!

Today’s charter yachts come in all sizes and price ranges and can be found all over the world. You can find sailing boats from 40’ with one guest cabin to 250’ motor yachts accommodating thirty guests and everything in between. Modern sailing yachts are much roomier and more comfortable than the earlier versions and boating isn’t only for agile young people. We have clients ranging from six months to eighty-seven years and everybody has an amazing time!


So what is luxury?

We all have different definitions of luxury vacations, but how does these things fit yours?

  • A private “floating villa” with comfortable accommodations just for you and your group?
  • Your own captain doubling as tour guide, water sports instructor and bartender?
  • Your own dive instructor or someone to assist you in kite-boarding?
  • How about some spa treatments, yoga instructions and lots of water toys?
  • A private chef preparing every meal to you preferences?
  • Tropical concoctions and delicious hors d’oeuvres served while watching the sun go down?
  • Watching your kids having the times of their lives?
  • Jumping into crystal clear water in a deserted bay?

A crewed yacht can offer you all of the above in different combinations and much more.


Affordable Luxury!

Enjoy the luxury of a private chefPrices for this affordable Caribbean luxury vacation starts as low as $300 per person per day, – about $500 if there is only two of you – but remember that this includes all your gourmet meals, drinks, water-sports and 5-star service provided by your chosen crew. You don’t have to dig for your wallet every time you need a beverage, a bite or anything else. We help you select a yacht which has everything you want like water skies, diving, kayaks or stand-up paddle boards and you won’t have to find it on the beach and pay lots of extra dollars. We can even find one with a Spanish speaking crew if you are bringing you Mexican grandmother!

Try adding up all the bills from your last vacation including hotel, day trips, dinners, drinks etc. and look at the overall expense. On a crewed yacht vacation you know right from the start what it is going to cost you so there are no nasty surprises at the end of your amazing adventure.

To learn more about chartering private crewed yachts, please send us an email or call 704 257 4766. We will answer all your questions!



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