Tips to Culinary Cruises in Croatia on Crewed Yachts



Like many other Mediterranean countries, Croatia offers a tasty palette of food and wine, and if you let a crewed yacht charter captain guide your culinary cruises in Croatia, you can even combine it with a relaxing vacation on the water.


Though Croatia barely measures 350 miles from one end to the other, it has more than 1000 islands and an endless selection of beautiful bays and ancient charming towns. Through the ages, it has been conquered by Greeks, Turks, Romans and Venetians who all left interesting additions to food, wine and culture. And as a tourist and part of the latest and most peaceful invading army, you will reap all the benefits.


You find vineyards all over CroatiaIt was probably the Greeks who introduced grapes to Croatia more than 2000 years ago, and they have been cultivated here ever since. The most famous grape used for red wine is Plavac Mali, a cross between ancestral Zinfandel and Dobričić. You will find it on every island, but the flavor and aroma vary significantly.


You will also find the dessert wine Prošek, both red and white, which is honeyed and complimented by distinct rosemary and peach. The most common white grape is Posip, with hints of lemon, apricot and acacia, but you will also get an opportunity to try the indigenous Vugava, Bogdanusa, Grk and Rukatac wines.


Croatian food has also been enhanced by all its conquerors. Harvesting the sea and fertile plains, adding herbs and spices such as rosemary, sage, garlic and oregano has resulted in a varied and tasty cuisine which will excite your palate.


So let the sun kiss your nose while resting your eyes and soul on the beautiful scenery; listening to the cicadas and letting the smells and flavours of the food and wine complete the seduction of all your senses. Your crewed yacht charter expert will help you choose the right boat and crew and design this exciting culinary cruise in Croatia.




Peka, Croatian traditional dishSet off from Split heading for the island of Solta and enjoy an afternoon on your yacht swimming, relaxing and being splendidly spoiled by your crew. There is only one house in the bay of Jorja belonging to Zorana and Kike, who will welcome you with their homemade brandy served on the terrace. They usually only make one dish, a delicious lobster, monkfish and red grouper fish stew, which is served with their excellent red house wine Dobričić.


After a delicious breakfast on-board, you can sail to the island of Vis, which used to be a military base and just opened to tourists 1990. Stop for a swim in one of the turquoise bays before docking in town and walking to the Lipanovic family wine cellar. It is located in an old tunnel, which has been turned into a most unique wine cellar. After sampling the Lipanovic wines in this remarkable setting, let the wood smoke lure you into a small family restaurant, where you can try their “peka dishes” of lamb, veal, fish or tender Adriatic octopus, prepared under a metal dome covered with smoldering embers.


The Blue Grotto near HvarVisit the Blue Grotto the following day on your way to the island of Hvar and have dinner in the exquisite gourmet restaurant Zori. They also offer some unbelievable desserts, and match each course with a fine local wine.


Aim for the island of Korcula in the morning and enjoy this almost 900 year old Venetian town which is amazingly well restored. It is an island with a long winemaking tradition, and you can visit several vineyards before having dinner in one of the charming restaurants in town.


In the morning, head for the peninsula of Peljesac. Here some of the finest Plavac Mali is grown, so pay a visit to the winery, Korta Katarina, and taste for yourself! Later you can sail to the small village of Lumbarda and have dinner in the little tavern owned by the charming fisherman Zuro.


Traveling in your own “Floating Boutique Hotel” with a captain and chef, you can also ask them to stock up on local wines and food and enjoy more meals on-board in some of the picture perfect bays!


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