Benefits to All inclusive Kiteboarding Vacations on Crewed Catamarans



The ultimate kiteboarding vacation

Consistent winds, lots of sunshine, warm water and blue skies……what more do you want for your kiteboarding vacation? What about convenient location, knowledgeable assistance, affordability, and assorted activities as well? There are lots of destinations in the Caribbean which live up to these requirements, and traveling on a crewed catamaran just brings the experience to a whole new level!


When setting off on any kind of adventure, it is also nice to know the bottom line in advance. So with all inclusive kite-boarding vacation packages, there are no unpleasant surprises. Your accommodation, meals, drinks and even transport and rescue boat are included in the price and it can be done for as little as $300/person/day. So grab your kite and go!


The Caribbean is fanned by the trade winds, consistently blowing out of the north-east to southeast. This predictable wind direction makes it easy to determinate the best areas . . . and there are lots of them!


Especially the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the Grenadines are popular spots for kite-boarders of any level of experience. With many small islands, there are countless great launching areas, and you can find waves as well as protected waters to test your speed and practice some jumps. The winds are strongest from December to April with steady winds of 15-25 knots or more. The water temperatures are in the 80’s, so no need for thick wetsuits!


Your private chef Since many of the best spots are some distance from the more common vacation destinations, it makes perfect sense to charter a crewed catamaran for your kiteboarding vacation. It will take you to the best places and double as a “Floating Boutique Hotel”. If you were staying on land like everybody else, you would have to rent a boat with a captain anyway to take you to the more remote and exciting places, right?


Traveling with your own captain and chef, you do not have to go back on land for meals or other refreshments. No packed lunches you for you! Stay out there hunting for the best spots and keep going on your own time table. In many places it is restricted where you can launch your kite, but you can always do it from the back of your anchored yacht.


Relax and enjoy!With sixty islands and cays, the BVIs offers a multitude of places to launch your kite. There is also a great kiting school in the protected waters of North Sound, Virgin Gorda for those who want to get into the sport or just learn more. Traveling on a crewed yacht, you can also set off to the flat island of Anegada which is one of the best spots and stay a couple of days. If you are bringing non-kiters with you, the BVIs are also a great area for almost any other water sport.


Even though you might be addicted to kite-boarding, the rest of your family or friends might have other interests and priorities, so why not plan a vacation which appeals to everybody? When you talk to your charter yacht broker, just explain what kind of activities you are looking for: diving, snorkeling, beach-combing, hiking or anything else. There is a boat and crew for everything!


The Grenadines are a great place for “wind-junkies” as well, and there it is an even bigger advantage to chartering your own yacht as hotels are few and far between. Catching a ride to a great launch spot can be difficult, so it makes even more sense to spend your energy on finding the right waves and looking for airtime.


For years we have been asking all the crew we have interviewed about their knowledge of kite-surfing. We have built a list of more than 50 crewed yachts where experienced crew and even instructors are able to assist you. So please call us + 704 257 4766 or send an email for further information regarding the ultimate kitesurfing vacation.


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