Who Else is Looking for Romantic Honeymoon Cruises in the Caribbean?

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I was brought up in the Midwest, and Heaven knows that I knew more about China than sailing, so when my sailor-husband- to-be suggested that we should spent our honeymoon on a boat in the Caribbean, I was truly wondering if I had picked the right guy.   I always wanted a super romantic honeymoon, and I love great food and my creature comforts, so bobbing around on a boat did NOT fit the bill. But somehow he convinced me that to rent a private sailboat with crew would be fun and comfortable with all the amenities I wanted, so eventually I gave in . . . love makes us all irrational, doesn’t it?


Take your partner by the handSo off we went, my husband excited as a puppy and me more than a bit apprehensive. However, our crew, Peter & Sue, made me comfortable and welcome from the first minute. I was amazed how much room there was on the boat, and our cabin was much bigger than I expected with an en-suite bathroom, TV and everything else you might want. We quickly settled in and cast off for my first ever sailing trip, sitting comfortably in the cockpit sipping a drink. It was a short and comfortable sail, and an hour later we were anchored in a beautiful little bay with crystal clear water poised in shades of incredible blue. We jumped straight in to have our first look at the colorful underwater world before returning to the boat where a beautiful and tasty lunch was ready to be served.


The charter broker had provided us with lots of information about the area, so after lunch we discussed with Peter what we wanted to see, and he pointed out that we could change the plan any time: “This boat is yours for the week, and our biggest wish is that you will have the best vacation ever!” After another swim Sue, who also turned out to be a masseuse, set up her table and gently worked the stiffness out of my body and put me and my husband in a huge hammock with a glass of my favorite champagne. I have never felt so pampered in my whole life, and I knew this would be a very romantic honeymoon!


After we settled on the foredeck to watch the sunset, Peter introduced us to “Painkillers”, an absolutely divine local rum-drink, and Sue served delicious appetizers while we chatted about the coming week like old acquaintances.


Romantic Caribbean HoneymoonLater, we drifted back to the cockpit where the table was laid with seashells and candles and soft music playing in the background. I will admit that I am a picky eater, but we had given the charter broker all the information about what we liked, and everything was perfect and presented as beautifully as in any five star restaurant. Peter and Sue withdrew and materialized as genies out of a lamp when needed, and we toasted each other in our favorite Merlot under the stars. It felt like a fairy tale, and I already knew that to rent a private sailboat had been the right choice.


Snorkling in the BVIThe broker had convinced us that the more information we gave her, the better she could match us with the right boat and crew, and what a match! My husband and I love spending time together, and we would go snorkeling or walk the beach hand in hand, but we are not Siamese twins and have very different interests. So later in the week when he went diving with Peter, who was also a dive instructor, I would try out the stand-up-paddle board or have Sue answer all my questions about sailing and life on a boat. We had so many things in common and quickly developed and easy companionship, sharing lots of stories and good laughs. So when it is your turn to tell a broker what you want, do not hesitate to ask; the sky is the limit!


Please call +1 704 257 4766 to learn more about romantic honeymoon cruises or send an inquiry for more information.


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