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Is it Time for a Family Dream Vacation in the Caribbean. . . . on Your Own Sailing Yacht?

The ultimate reward for arranging the perfect family vacation is to see your kids happy and excited and your spouse relaxed and smiling, right?  But how do you find a “one size fits all” vacation? And how do you keep it within your budget?

Are you like other parents feeling guilty about not having enough time for your kids? Do you have a busy life making everything work and need some quality time with your family? Are the kids going off to college and could this be the last vacation together? Or are they in that fun age between 5 – 10? Do you or your children have any special needs that make the usual hotel or cruise ship trip a problem? You do want them to have fun without telling them to be quiet all the time, right? Have you wasted money on other vacations that didn’t really work out?

Well, a private crewed yacht in the Caribbean doesn’t cost more than a good cruise ship or hotel. But it really is all inclusive! No extra bills when you want another drink or the kids want to try some of the water toys. No day trips needed since you are already moving from one magic place to another. Try adding up all the bills from your last vacation; you might be surprised! And probably even more surprised that a perfect crewed yacht vacation starts at $300/person/day ALL INCL.

You have your own boat with a professional captain and a private chef. They will plan the trip as well as the menu around your needs and wants. And your kids will be safe and have lots of fun with a crew that adores children! Please have a look at this VIDEO which explains more than words.

But it isn’t all about the kids! If your want to go diving, kite-boarding or anything else, it can be arranged as well. The kids might be hungry at 5 and all tuckered out by 7 pm. So while they dream of pirates and buried treasure, you can enjoy a quiet gourmet dinner under the stars. Just because your kids might prefer Mac & Cheese, doesn’t mean you have to—your private chef can make it all.

What else makes it special? The greatest advantage to this form of vacation is, that you have the same dedicated crew 24/7, which we help you to select. They understand the needs of kids – as well as grandparents – and are happy and capable of catering to both. They LOVE having kids on-board (I often suspect it is because they get to play with all the toys, too!) and no other guests will frown upon your children’s screams of delight and happy giggles.

The secret to making this a successful trip, is to match you with the right boat and crew!

Based  right here in the British Virgin Islands we have spent countless hours interviewing crew and inspecting yachts. This very specialized knowledge we put at your disposal to help matching you with the best. This is a completely personalized service, where you and your family are the focus. Don’t settle for less!

Call right away +1 704 257 4766 and tell me all your dreams and hopes. I’ll help you make them come through. . . and don’t wait, the earlier you book the more choices you have!

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