Best Reasons for Cruising on Private Yachts versus Cruise Ships


To boldly go where no cruise ship has gone before . . . nor ever will!


If there was ever any question that humans are fascinated by water, the last decades’ explosion in cruise ship and river cruises should put that doubt to rest. It is by far the most popular way of traveling and still growing, but if you do not want to spend your vacation with 2000 other people and go ashore with them, as well as the thousands from the other cruise ships docking in the same place that day, you might consider giving up on cruising, but don’t!

Comfortable cabin on a crewed yachtFunny enough, the perfect alternative to the popular cruise ships is the almost unknown possibility of adventure vacations on private crewed yachts, which represent the most individualized vacation form ever invented. The yachts come in all sizes, and you will be the only guests on-board. It does not cost more than a good cruise ship, and no matter the size and price of the charter yacht, it is all about you!

Personalized services

The biggest difference between cruising on private yachts versus cruise ships is that on a ship you have to fit into a mold. On a private yacht you are the mold and everything will be fitted around you with endless flexibility and diversity. Working one-on-one with a charter yacht broker, everything will be arranged in advance from your favorite brand of herbal tea or red wine to a Brussels sprout and mushroom free menu.  On vacations the food often plays a big role and crewed yachts are no exception. But here you don’t have to queue up to get what you want. You will have it served, beautifully plated and presented at your table, along with your favorite wine at your leisure.

Privacy vs. crowds

Life on a Caribbean crewed yacht charterWe all relax in different ways. If you want to meet lots of new people, a cruise ship might be the right thing for you. But, if you want privacy and a chance to cement your relationship with a spouse, extended family or friends with no outside interference, a private crewed yacht might be just what you need. Your charter broker will help you to find the right yacht and crew in the area of your choice with your preferred activities on-board like diving, water-skis, etc. You can go to secluded beaches on deserted islands one day and hang out in a fun beach bar the next; it is all up to you.

All inclusive prices

Of course adventure vacations like this should cost a fortune, but it is actually the best value you can imagine. Having your own yacht, with a dedicated crew, lots of activities and all your food and drinks starts at $300/person/day and it is worth every penny . . . and then some! It is first class treatment all the way. There are no extra bar bills, and you do not have to pay for over priced water sports ashore.

Adventure vs. predictability

Tobago Cays in the GrenadinesThe sheer difference in size between private yachts versus cruise ships also dictates where it can go and where it cannot. A yacht easily slips into shallow bays and right up to white sandy beaches and you can stay as long as you want. You are already bringing your own five star restaurant and hotel bed so you can stay overnight in even the most secluded bay.

A funny thing about cruise ships – they mostly sail at night, so you don’t even see the beautiful seascapes and just wake up in a new destination each day. On a yacht you do all the cruising by day, planning the itinerary with the captain as you go, and if you see an interesting cove on the way, you can ask him to pull in and have a look around. You might stop in two or three places in a day, admiring the scenery as you go and spend an evening ashore dancing on the beach if you feel like it, soaking up the local atmosphere. Dream, explore, enjoy . . .

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