You will love social distancing like this :-)


Just a few months ago, the definition was mostly related to crime, right? And if you were the adventurous type and went to a place with malaria, hepatitis, or Yellow Fever, you would just get some shots and pack your bags. Holy cow, and now we can’t even shake hands 🙁

We felt so secure because, if there was an infection we would just get some antibiotics and most of us have been vaccinated against things that used to kill big parts of the population. We all know that there is no 100% guarantee for anything in this world. But when you eventually need to get away, I cannot think of a safer vacation than a crewed yacht. I don’t say this just because I sell these amazing experiences, but I am also an RN so I can look at it from that level too.

First of all, you will be the only guests on the boat, and since you already know, that you aren’t infected, that is not posing a threat. But what about the crew? Well, at this time they have all been in isolation at least as long as you have and many haven’t even been allowed to leave their boats. And that is pretty effective

After having inspected thousands of boats in my 15 years in the industry, I know that they are squeaky clean and now even more so. You can have a great time with your friends/family, have the captain take you to beautiful places away from the crowds, and stroll your own beach. The only thing you can’t do is hanging out in crowded beach bars

I can’t really imagine a safer vacation in this new “normal”. Can you?

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