An All Inclusive Family Sailing Vacation will Make You a Hero!


The ultimate reward for arranging the perfect family vacation is to see your kids happy and excited and your spouse relaxed and smiling. However, putting it all together and satisfying everyone within a budget can be a nightmare. How do you find a “one size fits all” vacation? However, all inclusive family vacations on crewed yachts doing a British Virgin Islands cruise is an affordable solution and fun for all. There are no hidden expenses and it is the perfect way to take your family on an adventure sailing the turquoise Caribbean. A charter broker will make the planning easy and will ensure that your personal vacation will be the best family event ever!

  • Is it safe? Your first question will probably be if it is safe to take your kids sailing. The answer is absolutely YES! As a parent, you will probably even feel an added sense of security when you see how well the professional crew involves themselves in the kids’ water activities. They know how to ensure that the kids have fun tubing or water skiing or pointing out colorful fish while snorkeling. They will arrange treasure hunts and get your son away from his computer games and show your 5 year old daughter how to proudly steer the yacht while you enjoy a book or a peaceful nap. This is truly a vacation for all ages!
  • All inclusive family vacationsWhat makes it special? The greatest advantage to all inclusive family vacations on crewed yachts is that you have the same dedicated crew 24/7. They understand the needs of kids and grandparents and are happy and capable of catering to both! Many crews on yachts LOVE having kids on-board (I often suspect it is because they get to play with all the toys too!) and there are no other guests frowning upon your children’s screams of delight and happy giggles. The crews’ abilities and talents are very diverse and your charter broker will help you to find the right match.
  • What is in it for the adults? It does not have to be all about the kids and if your priorities are to experience diving, kite-boarding, yoga or almost any other activity, this can be incorporated into the charter as well. And don’t forget the amazing food and great wines! The kids might be hungry at 5 pm and all tuckered out by 7, but while they are dreaming of pirates and buried treasure you can enjoy a gourmet three course dinner with your favorite wine under the stars. Just because your kids might prefer mac &cheese, doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge—your private chef can make it all.
  • Lots of fun for everybodyWhere & when should we go? There are so many beautiful and exciting places in the Caribbean, but a British Virgin Islands cruise is the best and the perfect place for your first sailing vacation from mid-November to August. With 60 islands and cays, there are endless choices of anchorages. You can even pretend to be Columbus and explore the same islands that he did over 500 years ago and in many places you can still experience the same view that he had! The islands are close together and the waters are sheltered, which makes actual sailing times short and comfortable.
  • Is it really all inclusive? It can be quite difficult to keep within a budget when you go on a vacation with your family. Perhaps your children want ice cream or a soda, or you want a cup of coffee or your spouse wants to rent a windsurfer. The expenses keep mounting, but on the other hand, you don’t want to say no either. The crewed yachts are all inclusive and everything that you consume on-board—the water toys, food, drinks etc.—are included in the charter fee so your credit card can get a well deserved vacation, too.

The only problem that a vacation like this will create is the endless question: “Mommy, daddy ….when can we do this again?”   We would love to help you find the right yacht and crew for your next fun family vacation so CONTACT US for more information. We will answer all your questions!

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